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Private Personal Training

Our private personal training 30-minute sessions include a custom, tailored workout for every client. Our trainers create custom strength training, HIIT, and cardio driven exercises for each client. Injury prevention and corrective exercise also available for all private clients who have experienced injury or need additional guidance with proper form. Monthly body fat analysis included with all private training. Training is available 1-5x a week starting at $195 per month. Add unlimited group fitness classes to private training for an additional $50 a month.

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Group Fitness Classes

Our industry leading group classes combine strength & cardio driven exercises designed to make anyone’s fat cry. Weekly classes include Barre, HIIT, Strength Training Cardio Strength, Kickboxing, Spin, TRX, Yoga and Insanity. Unlimited classes starting at $99 a month. Drop-ins available at $15 per class.
We also offer a 6 week Sports Performance Training Series and a 4 week Kids Fitness series with our Sports Specialist Aaron Carlson. New sessions start monthly.

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You Matter

Life is not about surviving from day to day; it’s about thriving even on those less-than-perfect days. Just like your fingerprint, everything about you is unique from your personality and appearance to the food you eat and the habits and emotions that surround those food choices. To pretend that you fit into the same category as everyone else in the world is to deny your individuality. It’s time to put yourself first. You can do more when you feel happy, healthy, and whole.


Whether you are struggling with your nutrition or you are needing to change some bad habits, we have your covered. Because we know that everyone is unique, the health coaching services we provide take YOU–who you are as an individual– into account. We take a holistic approach to your health by taking a look at your physical, mental, and social well-being. After all, these three aspects of your health shape who you are, what you can do, and the choices you make.


We will empower you to identify and increase your strengths to help you create lasting behavioral changes. We will teach you how to develop and achieve your health and wellness goals. We will teach you how to take ownership of your health and how to be a good steward of your well-being. We will do this by offering several services:

  •     Behavior change coaching

○      Exploring your food choices and habits

○      Looking at your lifestyle

○      Setting goals for change 

○      Identifying behavior change techniques for you

  •     Nutrition coaching

○      Learning what works best for your body

○      Learning the basics of nutrition 

○      Determining your numbers 

○      Tracking your progress

○      Taking your measurements 

  •     Well-being coaching

○      Exploring your bio-individuality

○      Exploring other alternative methods of wellness

○      Setting goals for life

○      Seeking ways to be more mindful

○      Finding ways to improve self-care and alleviate stress


Everyone deserves their own space in the world. Take some time to focus on you–your nutrition, your fitness, and your well-being. Make a commitment to transform your well-being today.

Sports Performance Training



Whether you regularly participate in different sports or are a top athlete, it is critical to understand the importance of fitness and training as it relates to performance. Training is not a one size fits all when it comes to improving athletic performance this is where the importance of Sports Performance Training comes in.


Our Sports Performance Training series are led by Aaron Carlson, Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Specialist. Aaron’s performance training program is designed to prepare any athlete for optimum performance in any sport. He works with each participant on movement that will translate into improved performance for a specific and desired sport. For example, a soccer player will focus more on lower body exercises where a basketball player will strengthen their upper body while improving speed and agility.


Sports Performance Training differs from personal training in its focus. Personal training has a goal of improving general fitness or strength whereas performance training prepares an athlete for competition in the sport of their choice. Performance training will mimic the movements and skills required in particular sports.


Private Sports Performance Training available in addition to our 6 Week Group Sports Performance Series. Pricing for private sports training starts at $195 a month and our

6-week group class is $150 per series for ages 10-17. For current class offerings please visit us on our Rain City Fitness App or on facebook @raincityfitnessllc.

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