Private Personal Training

30-minute sessions include a custom, tailored workout for each client. Our Trainers incorporate strength training, HIIT, and cardio exercises to drive specific results for each client.  Monthly Nutritional and or Health Coaching with body fat analysis using a 7-point caliper pinch method also included. Training available 1-5x a week.

Group Fitness Classes

Group classes combine strength training with interval training and cardio driven exercises in a circuit style format or instructor-led workout.



Check out our Group Class Schedule and Pricing below:

Circuit Strength

This 45-minute FEMALE only group class is the original group class of Rain City Fitness. Rain City Fitness Owner Jessica created this group strength circuit to teach women the benefits of weightlifting. Each class targets multiple muscle groups with no class ever the same. This timed, circuit style workout offers 6-10 exercises per class and incorporates the most dynamic mix of the best weight room exercises including squats, presses, lifts, curls and fly.  This class is effective for all fitness levels and modifications provided for every exercise.


Core Blast

This 30-minute ab/core class is guaranteed to set your midsection on fire! The class focuses on increasing core strength through stability and balance work by using your own body weight, a variety of equipment and even some partner work to strengthen your abdominals and lower back. Open to all fitness levels and modifications are provided for every exercise.



Insanity is a revolutionary cardio-based total body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX interval training. Insanity will push you to new training heights, increasing caloric burn, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism. All fitness levels welcome and modifications are shown for each move.


Making it RAIN Cardio HIIT

This high-energy group class is designed to make you sweat! This 45- minute class combines some of the best HIIT exercises including ball slams, jump rope, battle ropes, pull-ups, burpees, mountain climbers and so much more.  This timed, quick moving class will ensure your fat is crying! Open to all fitness levels and modifications are provided for every exercise.


Urban Boot Camp (UBC)

UBC is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that incorporates a variety of calisthenics movements, muscular endurance training, and basic hip hop choreography in a group exercise setting.  This class features hip-hop/R&B music and engaging routines that help you burn calories and tone your body. Don’t worry, this is not a dance or aerobics class….. it’s Urban Boot Camp!


Cycle Strength

Prepare yourself for the most amazing hybrid workout…. TRX and Cycle combined. This 45-minute class combines the low impact, high caloric burn of HIIT training on spin bikes with the strength and core building TRX suspension straps.   It will be one of the sweat sessions you ever have! Open to all fitness levels and modifications are provided for every exercise.


BootyBarre is a fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. It the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre.





At Rain City Fitness our approach to nutrition and health is Simple and Realistic and included in all private, duo, and small group training rates. Available for all group clients for an additional fee.

We teach our clients to stop dieting and focus on the mindset of “lifestyle” nutrition. We teach you how to combine lifestyle nutrition with strength training and cardio to meet your health and fitness goals. We do not utilize or teach any quick fix or crash diet programs. We believe that pills do not make us gain weight; therefore we should not use them to lose weight. Diets fail.


Nutrition made SIMPLE:

Food as Fuel:

Macronutrients: Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates. We teach you about each macronutrient and how they play a role in your weight loss and fitness goals. Whether you want to count macros/calories or have a meal plan to follow, we utilize your monthly body fat analysis to customize your nutritional program.

Meal Planning: “When we fail to plan we plan to fail” This does not have to be a difficult and time-consuming process. Your nutritional coaching will include many tips and tricks for planning out your daily meals for you and your family. One of the biggest stigmas to meal planning is having to cook two or more meals to accommodate all family members. NOT TRUE! We teach you all about healthy substitutions and solutions to get your family eating healthier as a whole.


REALISTIC Lifestyle Eating:

Being that most of us are constantly “on the go”, quick and easy nutrition is a key. By using a few key guidelines, we help you focus on lifestyle nutrition on the road! Whether it is business or pleasure travel, celebrations, or family dinners at different restaurants, we teach you how to stay on track!

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