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Rain City Fitness Owner and Trainer

Jessica has over 3 years of professional experience as a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health and Nutritional Coach. She has helped hundreds of people achieve their health and fitness goals through proper exercise and lifestyle nutritional guidance. Jessica battled yo-yo dieting most of her life, including losing an average of 40lbs on four different occasions and gaining it back every time. Having tried almost every pill and weight loss gimmick out there, Jessica decided to make a lifestyle commitment herself. Jessica’s journey allows her to relate to her clients and guide them on what really works. Jessica does not sell any gimmicks or fad products but instead teaches her clients proper exercise and how to maintain lifestyle nutrition. She is passionate and takes every client’s health and fitness goals seriously. She describes training as the best job she never thought she would have.


When not in the studio, Jessica is making memories with her husband and 5 children. She resides in Stanwood, living in Arlington for 9 years prior. She is a graduate of Western Washington University in 2006 with a degree in Political Science and Communications. She is an avid traveler and sports fanatic. She absolutely loves the Seahawks and football in general. She also enjoys cooking for her family and her home is always the hub for family and social events!

Amy Rocha

Group Fitness Instructor

Amy Rocha joined Rain City Fitness in June 2018. She has been an Insanity instructor for over two years. Amy fell in love with Insanity three years ago. She was at the heaviest weight and decided to take action and make her health her biggest priority. Amy hired a personal trainer and lost 35 pounds in one year! Her love for Insanity soon developed and she decided to become an instructor. Insanity has taught her to push her limits and she loves watching the progress clients make in her classes. Whether you modify or go all out, Insanity will help you see changes in your strength and overall health!


When not in the studio, Amy is with her husband and two kids, ages 23 and 21. Amy and her family have lived in Arlington for the last 20 years. She enjoys working out with her husband and absolutely loves to travel!

Tracy Jacobsen

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Tracy joined Rain City Fitness in June of 2018. She teaches Urban Boot Camp, Tier 2. Tracy discovered her love for UBC in 2014, shortly after completing her 2nd Tough Mudder. She had to follow the doctor’s orders to implement an exercise regimen that would improve her overall health and increase her muscle strength. She had no idea that she would find something that not only did just that but was incredibly fun and hooked her just as much as cresting the top of a mountain in time to see the sunrise. This also explains why she typically teaches early morning classes, there is no better way to jump-start your day than rocking out to some burpees!!


While not in the studio, Tracy is a mom of two, she has a fabulous 17-year-old stepdaughter and an amazing 11-year-old daughter who keep her busy 99% of the time. Tracy works in the Court system but loves being outdoors hiking, camping and trail running.

Sarah Haynes

Yoga Instructor, InRoot LLC

My passion for yoga began in my very first yoga class. Next thing I knew I was researching training and signing up in April 2016! I initially saw yoga as a tool to gain more flexibility in my pole fitness journey and it quickly grew into a passion. Then life happened, and I became depressed and anxious at which time I stopped my practice and training. Fast forward to January 2017, I resumed my training and graduated in August 2017.


Through yoga, I have found a space to heal and nurture my self-love journey. My own journey has allowed me to teach every class with compassion and zero judgment because I know what it feels like to receive a held space. My calling in life is to be of service to others through Yoga.


I support every individual’s journey and practice. Thank you for letting me hold space for you, it is truly an honor.


“Your body is not you, but it is yours to give yourself the gift of yoga!”


Peace & Love,


Kacie Worrell, Worrell Wellness

Health & Wellness Coach

Kacie Worrell has a background in the family, fitness/health, and food. Before devoting her time to raising her two children, Kacie was a certified nurse (LPN) and group fitness instructor. She is currently pursuing certification from a holistic nutrition program.


In addition to her work and school experience, Kacie knows first hand what it means to fight for your health and the wellness of your family. She went through a health crash in 2015 that impacted how she ate, slept, and functioned in her daily tasks. After a journey of discovery, she began an anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense diet which helped her inch her way back to recovery.


Kacie can provide guidance for meal planning, food preparation, grocery shopping, and nutritional supplements/probiotics. She has experience with a variety of meal plans including Grain-Free/Paleo and Vegan/Vegetarian options. Food is only one part of a large picture of holistic wellbeing. Kacie hopes that her knowledge and experience will help you make food choices that form a solid foundation for the health of your body, mind, and soul.


When not at the grocery store, Kacie enjoys exploring and traveling with her family, concerts, movies (or the latest good book that she can then watch as a movie), and cuddling up with her pups at home with a hot cup of tea. Kacie lives in Stanwood with her husband and two children.

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